Agents and Dispersants

  • Dust Suppression Agents

    Dust Suppression Agents

    Application of these products not only ensure dust control as required by the mining and environmental laws but in doing so effectively, it may ensure higher productivity and economy of operations. More and more mining projects, powder houses,

  • Flame Retardant Solution

    Flame Retardant Solution

    FLAME  – O – GUARD – DC


    A versatile Flame retardant solution for fire protection of curtains and other loose hung flammable fabrics. In order to apply Flame-O-Guard to a small piece of material to

  • Oil Spill Dispersant

    Oil Spill Dispersant

    Dispersants can be an effective oil spill response strategy. They are capable of quickly removing significant quantities of oil from the sea surface by transferring it into the water column where it is broken down by natural processes.