Fire Fighting Trucks

  • DCP Fire Tender

    DCP Fire Tender

    These engines are specifically designed to carry dry chemical (N2) fire fighting equipments. They can be optionally fitted with water tank, and pump system.

  • Emergency Rescue Tender

    Emergency Rescue Tender

    Our emergency rescue tenders are equipped with specialised tools to mitigate and rescue people in the event of a disaster. They come pre-fitted with high-capacity generator, flood light, light mast and hydraulic crane and can be used to carry

  • Fire Foam Tender

    Fire Foam Tender

    Our foam tenders carry the apparatus used to mix foam concentrate with water to make the foam solution and then pump and mix air to solution in order to make foam. It is used to transport and apply the same.

  • Fire Hydraulic Platform

    Fire Hydraulic Platform

    These mechanical devices are used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.  Other than rescuing persons from high buildings, it also helps in high level application of water or foam at a

  • Multipurpose Fire Tender

    Multipurpose Fire Tender

    Our 25 ton multipurpose tender comes with top end Tata, Ashok Leyland Taurus or MAN chassis.


    These multipurpose tenders are equipped with 8000-10000 litre water tank, and 500-3000 litre foam tank.

  • Water Cannon

    Water Cannon

    Our water cannons are capable of shooting a large volume of water in a high-velocity stream, over dozens of meters. They are used in firefighting, large vehicle washing and riot control.

  • Water Mist Tender

    Water Mist Tender

    Fitted on a TATA – ACE 209, 407, 709 / Ashok Leyland, Cargo / Eicher, Swaraj Mazda chassis, this relatively smaller size tenders houses the compact water mist system. The system specifications for this product can be customised based on the

  • Water Tender

    Water Tender

    Our water tender are specialised firefighting apparatus designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Water tenders are capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant.