Dry Powders

  • ABC Chemical Powder

    ABC Chemical Powder

    FIRECHEM ABC Chemical Powder is most commonly used for commercial or residential fires. ABC Dry Powder is a multipurpose agent that is based on Mono Ammonium Phosphate. It is a fine solid powder that is yellow in colour and completely

  • BC Dry Powder

    BC Dry Powder

    FIRECHEM BC Dry Powder is a siliconised sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical that is suitable to use on either Class B and C type fires. The application is designed for use against flammable liquid and gas fires. It is available in different

  • Force Fire Extinguisher Powder

    Force Fire Extinguisher Powder

    FIRECHEM FORCE can be used in conventional portable fire extinguishers, wheeled units, fire trucks, fixed installations and powder cannons.


    It is a preferred choice at all high risk location. It is foam compatible and can be

  • Purple K Powder

    Purple K Powder

    This application is designed for use against flammable liquid and gas fires, is based on sodium bicarbonates. It is generally considered that for powders of similar particle size distribution, those based on potassium bicarbonates are about one

  • TEC Dry Powder

    TEC Dry Powder

    TEC is used extensively in industrial processes, engineering and manufacturing in scientific laboratories. It is also used by defence establishments and ordinance factories. It can extinguish small oil fires and can be used for electrical fires.