Fire Safety Devices Pvt. Ltd.


Foam Concentrates

Fire Fighting Trucks

  • DCP Fire Tender

    These engines are specifically designed to carry dry chemical (N2) fire fighting equipments. They can be optionally fitted with water tank, and pump system.

  • Emergency Rescue Tender

    Our emergency rescue tenders are equipped with specialised tools to mitigate and rescue people in the event of a disaster. They come pre-fitted with high-capacity generator, flood light, light mast and hydraulic crane and can be used to carry other emergency rescue equipments.

  • Fire Foam Tender

    Our foam tenders carry the apparatus used to mix foam concentrate with water to make the foam solution and then pump and mix air to solution in order to make foam. It is used to transport and apply the same.

  • Fire Hydraulic Platform
    These mechanical devices are used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.  Other than rescuing persons from high buildings, it also helps in high level application of water or foam at a fire, general lifting, floodlighting, bridging, and
  • Multipurpose Fire Tender

    Our 25 ton multipurpose tender comes with top end Tata, Ashok Leyland Taurus or MAN chassis.


    These multipurpose tenders are equipped with 8000-10000 litre water tank, and 500-3000 litre foam tank.

  • Water Cannon

    Our water cannons are capable of shooting a large volume of water in a high-velocity stream, over dozens of meters. They are used in firefighting, large vehicle washing and riot control.

  • Water Mist Tender

    Fitted on a TATA – ACE 209, 407, 709 / Ashok Leyland, Cargo / Eicher, Swaraj Mazda chassis, this relatively smaller size tenders houses the compact water mist system. The system specifications for this product can be customised based on the customers’ requirement.

  • Water Tender

    Our water tender are specialised firefighting apparatus designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Water tenders are capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant.

Fire Extinguishers

Dry Powders

  • ABC Chemical Powder
    FIRECHEM ABC Chemical Powder is most commonly used for commercial or residential fires. ABC Dry Powder is a multipurpose agent that is based on Mono Ammonium Phosphate. It is a fine solid powder that is yellow in colour and completely odourless.   ABC Dry Powder is designed for use against
  • BC Dry Powder
    FIRECHEM BC Dry Powder is a siliconised sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical that is suitable to use on either Class B and C type fires. The application is designed for use against flammable liquid and gas fires. It is available in different grades like :BC -10, BC – 30, BC – 40, BC
  • Force Fire Extinguisher Powder
    FIRECHEM FORCE can be used in conventional portable fire extinguishers, wheeled units, fire trucks, fixed installations and powder cannons.   It is a preferred choice at all high risk location. It is foam compatible and can be used in powder and foam twin application system. Apparent density
  • Purple K Powder
    This application is designed for use against flammable liquid and gas fires, is based on sodium bicarbonates. It is generally considered that for powders of similar particle size distribution, those based on potassium bicarbonates are about one and a half times more effective than those based on
  • TEC Dry Powder
    TEC is used extensively in industrial processes, engineering and manufacturing in scientific laboratories. It is also used by defence establishments and ordinance factories. It can extinguish small oil fires and can be used for electrical fires. It fuses at temperature of 600 C -650 C and has high

Foam Equipment

  • Bladder Tank
    Bladder Tanks are one component in a balance pressure foam proportioning system. It requires no external power other than water pressure to ensure correct operation. Both vertical and horizontal bladder tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest revisions to ASME
  • Foam Chamber
    FIRECHEM Foam Chamber is designed to introduce expanded foam directly onto the surface of a flammable or combustible liquid for fire extinguishment and /or vapour suppression. It increases the effectiveness of the foam blanket, resulting in more efficient operation and greater extinguishing
  • Foam Generator
    Foam Generators (FCH *-250 are designed to expand foam solution into millions of tiny bubbles in which the foam solution is expanded in volume to a range of 200:1 to 450:1 approximately depending on the generator selected, solution flow rate, foam concentrate and the operating pressure.   The
  • Handline Nozzles

    Handline nozzles provide a wide range of flexible flow control options. Ideal for use with AR-AFFF, AFFF and Class A foam concentrates, our handline nozzles achieve superior foam expansion for quick knockdown and extinguishment.

Agents and Dispersants

  • Dust Suppression Agents
    Application of these products not only ensure dust control as required by the mining and environmental laws but in doing so effectively, it may ensure higher productivity and economy of operations. More and more mining projects, powder houses, cement plants, steel plants etc are going in for these
  • Flame Retardant Solution
    FLAME  – O – GUARD – DC   A versatile Flame retardant solution for fire protection of curtains and other loose hung flammable fabrics. In order to apply Flame-O-Guard to a small piece of material to ensure it does not shrink and the dyes are water-fast and does not water
  • Oil Spill Dispersant
    Dispersants can be an effective oil spill response strategy. They are capable of quickly removing significant quantities of oil from the sea surface by transferring it into the water column where it is broken down by natural processes. Significant environmental and economic benefits can be